For The Children!

Is there anybody better at playing dress-up than kids?  Dress-up is an important part of the human experience – for people of all ages!  However, adults don’t always get the chance to be disguised as a character unlike themselves.  We hope the following photographs inspire you (and the kids you know!) to take a vacation from your regular wardrobe.

Additionally, keeping a photo-timeline of your ever-growing kids is always a great idea.  Here are some wonderful moments captured in (old) time…





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“Ruffin It” fundraiser for Humane Society Dawson

We had a wonderful time photographing some beautiful animals and their owners yesterday. All proceeds from the images went to our friends at Humane Society Dawson to help keep abandoned or lost animals safe. warm, and happy!

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Lead Dog

We just had a wonderfully majestic shoot with this pair! Just a reminder that our studio is fully pet-friendly… Old-timey portraits are fantastic at capturing the timelessness of your human-pet relationship. Just see these dynamic examples below!

dippo 1

dippo 2

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It Takes Two

Have a sidekick? Come in for a duet photoshoot! Here are some dynamic duos that have been in the shop recently…



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Dawson City Music Festival 2014

We all such a blast in the shop this weekend! It was a great honour to meet and photograph these talented artists; then see them rock the stages of the Dawson City Music Festival afterward. Take a gander at these quirky musical portraits from the fest – and be sure to check out their tunes (click the links for their websites)!

alex cuba
Alex Cuba

by divine right
By Divine Right

cris derksen
Cris Derksen

nick ferrio
Nick Ferrio


pharis + jason
Pharis and Jason Romero

jaffa road
Jaffa Road

jaron freeman-fox
Jaron Freeman-Fox

evening hymns
Evening Hymns

monkey junk
Monkey Junk



rural alberta advantage
The Rural Alberta Advantage

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Classy & Classic

This Friday Peabody’s had this sweet duo come in and bring us back to our roots with the always iconic RCMP and dance hall girl regalia. Thanks, folks!

julyinnes1 julyinnes2

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Summer Lovin’

cutiecouple2 cutie couple
This morning we had some cute as can be couples come in for their portraits! We came away with a theme of dainty with a dash of mischief, daring pairings of boots with skirts and a realization that love and adoration does indeed transfer through the ages whether you are a gold miner, dance hall girl or contemporary couple creating a timeless memory.

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